During many years I’ve been publishing applications on the App Store for clients or companies I’ve worked for and I didn’t have to worry about the marketing side of things like screenshots, app preview (videos), keywords and more until now…..

The purpose of this guide is to provide the minimum requirements you’ll need before publishing your app. Hey, after all that great work you’ve been doing you’ll want to reach as many people as possible.


If possible, it’s better to try to choose a short name for your App so people can remember it easily, but in case the name of your app is not too short take in mind you only have 30 characters to use, and of course, the name must be unique so you don’t have problems later at submission.


With the new App Store design available since iOS 11 and Mojave, Apple lets you put a very short description of your app underneath the name. To came up with a short description you may want to try asking your self the following questions:

  • What does the app do?
  • What kind of app is it?

Remember to keep it short because again, Apple only gives you 30 characters.

Mac App Store Product Page — Holdr App


Once you got the attention of the user because of your screenshots and App Previews they’ll want to know more about your app and the description is the best place to explain in more detail what your app can offer.

The first paragraph is the most important because it’s what the users see before selecting the “More” button, write a concise description of your app and then you can list all the features that it provides, in my case I put contact to support and links to social media at the very end.

There are some things you’ll want avoid like putting specific prices since they can differ from country to country and also, don’t write things unrelated to the app. Remember everything goes through the App Store review process.

App Description — Holdr App


Screenshots and app previews are what I consider the most important elements to attract customers on your product page on the App Store, this is the first thing users see and sometimes the only thing so you’ll want this to not only be visually attractive but also to remind them why they need to buy your app.

Apple guidelines tell us that your screenshots need to be of your actual app and not mock ups or abstract illustrations.

On Holdr I used the biggest resolution accepted for the screenshots which is [Resolution] and uploaded 5 but you can upload as many as you want.

For more details visit: Mac App Store Screenshots’s specifications

App Preview and Screenshots — Holdr App

App previews

This is the part where I had the most fun, luckily I know how to use video editors but honestly, for this you just need the basics since the main thing of the video should be screen recordings.

I noticed that not all the applications have App Previews so this is your chance to make your product page out stand.

On my personal experience the best approach was to show the user how the app is going to help to do their tasks faster, how the app is going to solve the problem they have and again, the reason to buy this app immediately.

On the Mac App Store the videos have autoplay and because is muted by default, this time I didn’t bother in adding not even a song, I guess I’ll add that later.

For more details visit: Apple Mac App Store — App Preview Guidelines


If you don’t have a relationship with the editorial team at Apple or you are not a big brand like me, this is the only chance (inside of the App Store) for people to find your application.

Try to find keywords related to your app and this can be from features that are in your app to words used by the community in the context the app.

And if you want to take an extra step there and spend some money, there are services that can help you to find the best keywords for your app, you can check [link keyword service] and event search for other apps to see what keywords they are using.

Apple lets you use 100 characters including commas to separate each keyword and recommend to avoid:

  • Plural and singular of the same word
  • Terms that are not relevant to the App
  • Irrelevant, inappropriate or offensive words.


You have the option to choose two categories for your application but the primary category is the most important because it’s the category where the users are going to find your app on the Mac App Store. Choose the categories that best match the function of your app.

Mac App Store Categories


When a costumer is considering buying your app, ratings become an important part of their decision.

They want to know what others think about your App and you as publisher should take note of all the the reviews specially the ones because you need to know what the customers are expecting or what’s wrong so you can go back to Xcode and fix it.

Nowadays you can respond to users directly in their reviews to let them know their suggestions are important.

Make reviewing your app accesible and easy to your users by putting a button in your app where you think it makes sense and in a place that doesn’t interfere with the normal use of the application.

Mac App Store Ratings


I encourage you to take your time on each one of the points listed and even though there are some things that may appear obvious, the relevance of your App on the Mac App Store will be on the small details.

If you have more tips to attract more costumers on the Mac App Store, I’d love to hear from you!

I got to know all of this while publishing Holdr which is a productivity app made for Mac where you can manage screenshots, access your clipboard history and your most used files.

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